A new surf club season is upon us. The club's committee has been working very hard over the winter months and has some exciting news:

Exciting News 1

The surf clubs 2019 season will now start up at 8.00am Saturday May 11th. This is a several weeks earlier than we had initially thought … hence some urgency on our side… We need to know ASAP if you wish to surf this season… please read on.

Exciting News 2

Surf Snowdonia (now Adventure Parc Snowdonia) will no longer be running its own 'Staff Surf' on Saturday mornings between 8am and 9am - So they have kindly offered our club this slot with all its waves (except for one beginner bay) at a heavily discounted price throughout the season. We also been offered waves on the 9am to 10am slot (except during school holidays - see point 4 for what we intend to do with these) The committee see this as a fantastic opportunity for the club and an amazing gesture of support to the community by Adventure Parc Snowdonia … but it will have an impact on pricing for the 2019 season, see Exciting news 5).

Exciting News 3

Another big change is that the new season will have a far more structured development and coaching system than previous seasons. A copy of the progression structure developed by Head coaches Roger Pierce & Zac Pierce and committee member Simon Brown is attached - Please have a good look at this. As surfers obtain their progression levels they will be able to move onto the next set of targets and progress through clearly defined levels that give access to increasingly large waves. We will have four coaching groups from Development, to Intermediate through to Advanced and Elite, each group will have coaching tailored to progressing surfers to the next level. Further details will follow.

Exciting News 4

Between 11th May - 29th June and 7th Sept - 12th October, a second hour of surfing will be available between 9am and 10am. This will be a ‘free surf’ and members will be able to buy one of 18 ‘beginner waves’ during this second hour for £5. Further details will follow.

There will also be an ‘Elite Surf Academy’ running in this second hour whose purpose will be to develop Elite surfers from across the region to surf at competition level and to enable them to work professionally within the surf industry. Further details will follow.

Exciting News 5

Although Surf Snowdonia have given us the lagoon at a bargain price it has been a big decision for the clubs committee to agree to purchase the waves and we now need to cover our increased operating expenses. Therefore we have had to revise our fees for 2019. Anyone surfing the ’beginner bays’ or ‘Intermediate one waves’ will still pay £5 per week. Surfers on the ‘Intermediate two’ and ‘Advanced waves’ will pay £15 per week. Fees will be payable one month in advance. As ever Financial assistance may be available to help with sessions based on eligibility.

The increased costs can only be funded sustainably by continued grant applications and continued fund raising events - Your help with these, as ever will be essential.

We hope you are as excited as we are about the changes and the amazing development opportunities this will offer our surfers. Your views and any questions on any of the above would be greatly appreciated.

Please can existing members reply to the membership email you should have received by now to let us know by Sunday 14th April if you would like to continue to surf with us during 2019.

Further information will follow soon,

The CSDC Committee

Mae'r clwb wedi ei leoli yn Surf Snowdonia yn Nolgarrog.
'Rydym yn cynnig cyfleoedd syrffio fforddiadwy a chynhwysol i bobl ifanc sy’n byw yn ardal Dyffryn Conwy.
Bydd cyfle i aelodau ddysgu sgiliau ac ennill cymwysterau mewn syrffio, diogelwch yn y dŵr ac achub bywyd ar draeth.
Trwy gysylltiadau â Surf Snowdonia, ‘rydym yn datblygu ac annog aelodau'r clwb i gael gwaith a phrofiad gwaith.

The club is based at Surf Snowdonia in Dolgarrog.

We offer affordable and inclusive surfing opportunities for young people living in the Conwy Valley area.

We help members gain skills and qualifications in surfing, water safety and beach lifeguarding.

Through links with Surf Snowdonia we develop and encourage club members to gain employment and work experience.